Mulch Glue on Pea Gravel – 1 Year Review (S5E5)

Mulch Glue by PetraTools is an easy to apply glue that I applied approximately 1 year ago. In this brief video I cover several questions that were generated in the comments from my original video.

Prevent Weeds?

Does the mulch glue prevent weeds? Well, it short, no. This is a bonding product that bonds the mulch, or pea gravel in my case, to each other. It does not create an impermeable barrier from weeds.

Water Flow Restricted?

How does it handle rain? Rain flows straight through the product. As mentioned above, the glue bonds the substrate to each other and allow water to completely pass through. Yes, it is permeable.

Work on Slopes?

Yes, my entire bed has a slight slope and the area around my heat pumps have a 35-45 degree slope. Held like a champ.

Check out the video below for more information and to see how it held up.

Easy to Apply

It was very easy to apply. Simply mix it 1 part product with 2 parts water. In this video I used 32 oz. of product; so I used 64 oz. of water (1/2 gallon). Shake it up and start spraying. Yes, it really was that easy.

A little more about Mulch Glue

Below is a snippet of information from the PetraTools web site:

Our Max Mulch Glue is a mulch & rock glue and gravel lock for landscape beautification that powerfully holds mulch, wood chips, shells, sand, pine straw, pebbles, stone, and gravel. Our mulch lock spray is a mega strong mulch adhesive that improves the organic layer’s resistance to erosion and displacement caused by wind and rain. Keeps the mulch, stones, and pebbles in place!


If you get a chance, I recommend giving this product a try!


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