Mulch Glue on Pea Gravel (S4E3)

Mulch Glue by PetraTools is an easy to apply glue that I wanted to try out on a small pea gravel area around my heat pumps. The total area applied is approximately 55 sq ft.

Easy to Apply

It was very easy to apply. Simply mix it 1 part product with 2 parts water. In this video I used 32 oz. of product; so I used 64 oz. of water (1/2 gallon). Shake it up and start spraying. Yes, it really was that easy.

A little more about Mulch Glue

Below is a snippet of information from the PetraTools web site:

Our Max Mulch Glue is a mulch & rock glue and gravel lock for landscape beautification that powerfully holds mulch, wood chips, shells, sand, pine straw, pebbles, stone, and gravel. Our mulch lock spray is a mega strong mulch adhesive that improves the organic layer’s resistance to erosion and displacement caused by wind and rain. Keeps the mulch, stones, and pebbles in place!


I really enjoyed how fast and easy this product was to apply.

If you get a chance, I recommend giving this product a try!


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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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