Deep Bermuda Roots: E-Z Wet 26 Soil Penetrant (S3E19)

E-Z Wet is exactly what the name implies, an easy way to open up the soil to allow nutrient up take and promote a deeper root system. This is a soil penetrant that will help loosen up soil especially my dense red clay.

About E-Z Wet

Below is a little information from Grow More.

Grow More EZ Wet Soil Penetrant 26 is biodegradable, non-ionic, neutral pH and can be used on any soil. Regular use will promote deeper root system, leach excess salts away from the root zone, alleviate run-off, erosion, dry spots and soil compaction problems.

NON-Ionic Formula

Improves Drainage

Leaches Excess Salt

Wet Matted Turf

Increases Aeration

Minimizes Puddling

Reduces Ponding

Alcohol FREE

Source: Grow More
E-Z Wet


Applying the product was very easy. I cover my 3,200 sq. ft. back yard with 2 of the Anderson’s Hose End sprayers. Recommended rates are 1 – 3 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. I applied the 3 oz. rate so 3.2 x 3 = 9.6 oz. of product. I put 4.8 oz. of product in each bottle and then filled up the rest with water. You are then good to go!

My front yard of 4,300 sq. ft. would be 12.9 oz (4.3 x 3 = 12.9). As a result, 6.45 oz. of product per bottle and the rest water. Evenly apply the product and your done.

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